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Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province
88 Youyi Road,Shuangwang Industrial Zone,
Wengyang Street

Closed on Sunday

Enterprise culture

Enterprise culture

First, the high spirit of gold

Innovation, truth-seeking, Pinbo, dedication

Second, the core concept

Enterprise purpose: to revitalize the national industry, to achieve industry serve the country
Business philosophy: quality first, always first
Market concept: market-oriented, "customer satisfaction" as the core, all serve the customer.
Quality concept: excellence, the pursuit of excellence
Talent concept: the company provides opportunities for employees, employees create wealth for the company

Third, the management philosophy

People - oriented, to create "learning organization" to promote enterprise development, to achieve personal value.

Fourth, values

Quality: quality first, customer first.
Business concept: market-oriented, all subject to the market, all serve the market.
Management concept: people-oriented, caring people, understanding people, respect for people, science and strict unity.

Talent concept: the market competition is the ultimate talent competition. Human resources are the company's most valuable asset.

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